San Francisco, California

Very impressive area. Lovely hills, and good to see one of the world’s most famous bridges.

Outbound side  of Golden Gate bridge.

San Francisco city hall. If you have seen the Sean Penn movie “Milk”, this is where the political assassinations took place in 1978.

Gold plated dome topping the city hall, home to two peregrine falcons who eat and scare away other birds, so there is no bird poo on this dome.

These Victorian row houses are painted with bold colours and are known as the “painted ladies”. They date from the late 1890s. You may remember them from the opening sequence of 1980s TV show “Full House”, where the family lived in a row house like this.

The “painted ladies” with the city skyline as backdrop.

The financial district contains many interesting skyscrapers.

These two twin towers in the financial district caught my eye.

Transamerica corporation pyramid skyscraper. Elevator shafts are the vertical portions.

Alcatraz island. I might go there tomorrow.

This is the flagship San Francsico Apple store. I have walked past it a couple of times now, and there are always lines of people out the front.

Cafe Zoetrope, at the Sentinel building, headquarters of Godfather director Francis Ford Coppola’s production company. His daughter, screenwriter Sofia Coppola has her office there too.

One important thing I wanted to do in San Francisco was spend some time with Leonard Roy Frank. This is Leonard Roy Frank and I. Leonard is a well known aphorist and author/activist. It was great to spend a lot of time with him in San Francisco.

Today I had planned to do the Alcatraz tour but it was booked out so I did a boat cruise around San Francisco bay instead. It was a very fine day weatherwise, and the boat left from Pier 39, a famous collection of touristy restaurants and shops on a pier.

I highlight was getting to see the Golden Gate bridge close up from the water, these shots have angles you cannot get on land.

Above is the Oakland Bay Bridge, just as impressive as the Golden Gate, but not painted red.

Even if I could not tour Alcatraz today, and I doubt I now will, I was able to get very close to it on the boat.

I looked up near where I am staying and saw this penthouse. Nice place to live I would say.

A shout out to our boys in Hobart, if you look closely, you can see that this is the Hobart building.


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