Eugene, Oregon

I caught the Amtrak train north to Oregon. Eugene, Oregon is a small city comparable in size to Ballarat. Home of two universities and home to the organisation MindFreedom, the world’s leading indepdendent, member funded organisation working against forced psychiatry.

Oregon looks good in the autumn. Lots of leaves and colour everywhere.

This is the street where the MindFreedom head office is located in downtown Eugene, which as you can see has a small town feel to it.

This is the conference room of the MindFreedom office, I am told that the building used to be a candy factory.

From left, visiting Canadian academic and psychiatry survivor Erick, MindFreedom member Natasha, MindFreedom Founder/ Executive Director David Oaks, myself, and MindFreedom volunteer Sam. This was taken on Saturday at the University of Oregon Law School where we gave a talk.

In Eugene, just as in dozens of cities in the United States, you will find hundreds of people camped out in the Occupy Wall Street protests. That is until the police force them out of the parks. Just the other day I was right near one that the cops smashed, Occupy Oakland, which has been all over the news.

On Saturday night, I was taken by a couple of the people from MindFreedom to a poetry slam, where poets have three minutes to battle it out in front of judges. They had a jazz band there too. And apparently the Oregon poetry slam champion. I’d never been to one, it is kind of like a ‘rap battle’ between poets.



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