Manchester, New Hampshire

New Hampshire is the ‘live free or die’ state, and home to the liberty activist movement, and the Free State Project, a project which aims to get 20,000 libertarians to move to New Hampshire to form a voting bloc and influence the local government here. A few thousand have already moved here. I met up with some of these ‘Free Staters’ and it was yet another fascinating facet of American society to see.

Zimmerman House

The Zimmerman House, an example of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian style homes, is something I toured in Manchester. A childless couple, the Zimmermans lived in the house for 40 years until the early 1990s and then donated it to the Manchester Currier Museum of Art.

A model of the home.

Currier Museum of Art

Picasso, Woman Seated On A Chair, 1941, painted while living in a small apartment in German occupied France during WWII. An anonymous gift to the museum.

Richard Anuszkiewicz, Primary Contrast, 1965. American artist still living in New Jersey. Jarring to the eyes example of ‘Op Art’ or optical art.

332 year old sugar box.


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