Austin, Texas

West Texas sky, taken by me. By far, the skies in the Southwest United States are very different to elsewhere. Sunsets are striking here. Striking to a degree I have never seen in Australia. I do not know why that is. I guess it is a different kind of desert landscape and a different part of the planet with light reflecting etc.


Austin dusk skyline, photo sourced from internet.

It was fantastic to spend a couple of days with John Breeding and his family. John is a PhD psychologist whose brilliant critiques of psychiatry I have admired from afar for a couple of years now. He showed me around to a few restaurants, we enjoyed many hours of great conversation, and my short time in Austin was very enjoyable.

After leaving Syracuse, NY for Austin Texas I also got to see Dallas, Cincinnati, Louisville, and Nashville briefly at night. I took no photos. This is a reminder someone asked me to put here, that by no means does what you see on this blog encapsulate, nor could it, my entire journey. This is primarily a photo travel blog with a little commentary of selected cities along the way, and only when I remember to take photos.


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