Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, or ‘ABQ’ as the locals call it. Here I am with the night skyline in background.

The Sanida Peak Tramway is the longest tramway cable car span in the world. It goes up the Sandia Peak mountain in Albuquerque where people can ski or sightsee.

From wikipedia: ‘The tramway ascends the steep western side of the highest portion of the Sandia Mountains, passing close to dramatic cliffs and pinnacles, from a base elevation of 6,559 feet (1,999 m) to a top elevation of 10,378 feet (3,163 m). A trip up the mountain takes fifteen minutes to ascend 3,819 ft (1,164 m), and the normal operating speed of the tram is 12 miles per hour (19 km/h) . Approximately four “flights” leave every hour from the base and top departure stations. The view from the tram includes all of Albuquerque and roughly 11,000 square miles (28,000 square kilometers) of the New Mexico countryside.’

Panorama of the view from the top.

It was cold at the top. 16 degrees Fahrenheit. Minus 9 degrees Celsius.

Breaking Bad

3 time back to back Best Actor Emmy Award winner for this role, Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad as High School chemistry teacher and meth drug lord Walter White / Heisenberg.

Breaking Bad, created by Vince Gilligan, is my favourite American drama series from the early 21st century boom in quality award winning American television dramas, and I would really say we are living through a golden age of television dramas, of cinematic scope, quality writing, acting and production values, the current era of expensive and outstanding cable tv dramas has without a doubt been one of the things I have enjoyed most about the last few years. It is filmed on location in Albuquerque. So I visited many of the locations from the show. The golden age of television drama began with The Sopranos, but Breaking Bad brings an artistry to the television medium that surpasses even The Sopranos.

Q Studios, where all interior shots for the series are produced. Season 5 starts production here in March 2012.

The White residence, where Walter and his family live. The pizza was thrown on the roof on the right. I could not help but think of the piles of cash hidden under the floorboards.

Jesse Pinkman’s house. This photo of mine was featured in Buzzfeed’s ’25 things you probably didn’t know about Breaking Bad’.

See the Buzzfeed article here…


The Car Wash from Breaking Bad.

Gus Fring’s Los Pollos Hermanos (The Chicken Brothers) Restaurant.

This is actually a working restaurant named Twisters in real life, and they leave the Breaking Bad signage on the wall in one corner. So awesome to sit at the booths where Walter White and Gus Fring faced off in the show.


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